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DASH Diet, Recommended Diet for Patients with Hypertension

High blood pressure or hypertension is one of the most common non-infectious diseases suffered by people. A diet that is high in salt and fat is a major factor. To overcome this, hypertension sufferers can start on the DASH diet which is considered effective for lowering blood pressure. What is that? In essence, when you follow this diet you need to consume more healthy food, reduce the consumption of foods that are high in cholesterol and saturated fat, and limit the consumption of salt, sugar, and red meat. You can go to the website of morgan hurst and find out more about diet.

It is mentioned that most people who undergo the DASH diet, experience a decrease in blood pressure within two weeks.

Besides being able to reduce blood pressure, the DASH diet also seems to provide other long-term benefits, such as reducing weight and reducing the risk of cancer. Furthermore, here are the benefits that can be obtained if you follow the DASH diet.

1. Lowering blood pressure
Normal blood pressure in adults is 120/80 mmHg. The number 120 is a systolic number which means the pressure that is in the blood vessels when the heartbeats. Meanwhile, the number 80 is diastolic which means the pressure that is in the blood vessels between heartbeats or when the heart is at rest. Blood pressure that has entered the number 140/90 mmHg, indicates hypertension. If so, maybe this is the time for you to go on the DASH diet. This diet can help lower blood pressure, even if you haven’t lost weight or reduced salt intake.

2. Lose weight
The DASH diet will still reduce blood pressure in your body even though you haven’t lost weight. But doctors will usually still recommend hypertension sufferers to lose weight. Because, the higher the weight, the risk of experiencing hypertension will also be higher.

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