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Let’s Get To Know Cannabidiol That Is Found In Cannabis

CBD has been tested by several studies to find out how much impact it has on your health. One disease that can be quite successful with the use of this drug is epilepsy syndrome. Symptoms experienced by people with epilepsy are reduced when using this substance. Certain CBD products can reduce seizure symptoms in adults and children. The most effective type of epilepsy syndrome treated by cannabidiol is Gravet or Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. Some patients with this type of epilepsy and taking drugs with CBD content are known to experience a decrease in seizures. In fact, there are some of them who do not experience seizures at all.

Although it looks effective for epilepsy, you must know exactly what type of syndrome you are experiencing. CBD can indeed reduce seizures, but not all types of epilepsy syndrome can be treated with the use of this drug.

In addition to epilepsy, several other diseases that may be helped treatment by using CBD, such as:

– Schizophrenia. Using this substance four times a day for 4 weeks can reduce psychotic symptoms. However, this effect will be seen if the duration and dosage of usage are reasonable and correct.
– Help stop smoking. Inhaling cannabidiol with an inhaler for one week can reduce the number of cigarettes by 40%.
– Helps overcome anxiety disorders. Consuming a 300 mg CBD can reduce anxiety in people with anxiety disorders. If the CBD dose is excessive, it can worsen the disorder.

Side effects of using CBD

Cannabidiol is a safe drug when taken orally. In addition, you can also spray CBD right under the tongue.

Generally, the recommended normal dosage of this drug reaches 300 mg for daily use for 6 months. If excessive use, of course, there will be side effects that appear, such as:

– dry mouth
– decreased blood pressure
– Headache
– Sleepy

Therefore, it is recommended to consult a doctor first before using this drug as your therapeutic drug. This is so that you know the right dose and according to your body’s condition.

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