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The Number Combination In Angel Numerology

The angel number numerology is not necessarily the time of the hour. The three or even two-digit combinations that often catch your attention can be messages that aim to warn, to give some clues, to correct or direct the “recipient’s” action toward the best life path number. If you can’t find your own combination, try to decrypt the message using the data provided from trusted websites. How exactly to do this, just use your fast intuition. However, you can go to if you want to calculate your life path or lucky numbers properly.

Any combination with “units” in the first position is a signal of the start of a particular thought process that will influence the sequence of your actions.

1’s and 2’s mean that your thoughts are flowing in the right direction, and the results will not be long in coming.
A special case is a time numerology 11 11. This is the reference point. Whatever you do at that moment when you see 11 o’clock – stop. And then – accept the current result as the starting position and have moved from it.

The numbers 1 and 3 are reminders that the Ascended Masters are looking after you, trying to protect you from mistakes at the start of the journey.

Thirteen is considered an unlucky number. However, this is a warning about possible errors. It is impossible to overcome this indicator: for example, you cannot exclude from your life the thirteenth hour of the day or the thirteenth day of the month. Only in this period of time, you have to be very careful.

Combination of numerology 13 13, as well as numerology 13 31 – “special” notification. The first means that the probability of a fatal error is the highest, and the second – that you have successfully overcome the dangerous line, and returned to the original position without losing.

Combinations 1 and 4 record the optimal moment for the beginning of the practical realization of their wish. For example, the time numerology 14 14 is a direct call for immediate action in this direction.

If a glance is cast on the watch recording the combination of 14 41, then the numerology of this indicator is proof that a step has been taken in the right direction. You may go back a little and analyze your last move.

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