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These Granite Countertop Styles Improve The Kitchen Beauty

Given its very important function, the kitchen table must be made of quality materials. For modern kitchens, granite kitchen countertop is one of the best choices because this material is not only beautiful to look at, but also hard, very durable, and easy to care for. Granite is one type of natural stone that has many color choices, such as white, black, gray, brown, khaki (beige), blue, and red with various shades. This is one of the reasons granite is widely used for various kitchen themes. In addition, if you also need some granite materials, we suggest you call the trusted company that provides granite remnants dallas.

Plain White Granite Kitchen Countertop

In general, white granite surfaces have gray, black, red, or blue spots. Granite with a plain white color is classified as very rare. For this reason, the price of plain white granite is quite expensive.

A plain white granite kitchen table will look very striking if combined with wood material. The kitchen looks very luxurious, even though the shape is very simple. The white granite kitchen table is also suitable for use in small kitchens to make it seem more spacious.

White granite kitchen table patterned

Not only brightens the kitchen, but the patterned granite table also makes your kitchen look more elegant. This kitchen table is made of white ice granite which has a blue and gray hue, suitable for contemporary kitchens with cool colors with stainless steel kitchen utensils.

Gray Granite Kitchen Countertop

Gray granite is widely used in modern kitchens, both contemporary and classic styles like this kitchen. This granite color is very harmonious combined with a plain white cabinet and stainless steel kitchen furniture, such as a stove, cooker hood, cabinet door handles, and others.

Black Polished Granite Kitchen Countertop

A polished black granite kitchen table gives a touch of contrast to this all-white kitchen. The large space allows an unusual kitchen design by placing the kitchen island in an angular shape and slightly separated from the main kitchen set. It’s because polished sparkling black granite already gives the impression of luxury, the cabinet is designed with a simple model.

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