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Tips To Install Dash Cam In Your Car

If you are planning to install a dashcam or dashboard camera in your car, there are a few things to watch out for. The goal is that when installed, the dashboard camera does not interfere with vision while driving and of course, the camera function itself can work properly. In addition, installing the dashboard camera properly will also keep your car’s cabin tidy. Generally, the dashboard camera can be installed anywhere in your car, but it is preferable for the front to be mounted behind the car’s center mirror. To get more information about DASHCAM REPORT, you can visit our website.

This is done so that the shooting distance can be more optimal. al is done so that the shooting distance can be more optimal. Generally, the dashboard camera can reach shooting angles of up to 150 degrees, so it must be placed in the right position. Regarding the laying of cables, so as not to interfere with the view while driving, the cables should be sorted by inserting them through the dash. After that, just plug the cable into the lighter hole or connect the electrical cable. Here are tips for positioning the car dashcam:

Place the camera facing forward, where the camera can get a clear picture of the situation in front of the car.

Some car dash cams also have a camera that can see the back of the car. If you have to put it in the same place, look for a gap in the car seat that allows the dashcam to clearly pick up the rear footage of the car.

It is recommended that the dashcam should not be placed over the steering wheel. This will certainly interfere with our view and block our hands on the wheel.

Some people place the dashcam on the back of the mirror. With this, the dashcam will not disturb friends in driving and makes the dash cam have a clear picture of the future.

The image quality will be better and clearer if it is placed in the center of the vehicle. With this, the camera can take a picture of the entire front of the car, not just one side.

The car’s dashcam should not block our view of the road ahead. Using the dashcam should be able to help us see the situation ahead, not even block it.

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