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Healthy Benefits Of Keeping Dogs For Children

One of the pets that are very popular in society is a dog. Yes, apart from being smart, loyal, and funny, dogs can also guard houses or livestock. Taking care of it is also quite easy, you can give Life Abundance dog food to keep the dog healthy. However, did you know that having a dog can also provide health benefits for children?

Below are some of the health benefits a child can get by raising a dog:

1 Your little one becomes more active
Health experts recommend that everyone exercise 30 minutes per day. Now, if your little one has a dog, he is more likely to achieve that goal. Because the owner will be more active and be outside the house to accompany their dog to walk. Also, people who walk their dogs frequently have a lower body mass index and are less sick.

2 Help relieve stress
There’s a reason pet and play with dogs can be such effective therapies. First, spending just a few minutes with pets can reduce anxiety. Second, it can lower blood pressure and increase serotonin and dopamine levels. These two neurochemicals play a major role in controlling the calm and happiness of a person’s soul. That’s why raising a dog can relax a child or adult who works under pressure.

3 Improve heart health
Keeping a dog not only makes your heart happy and reduces stress, but it can also make your heart stronger. The reason is, some studies show that raising dogs can lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, and lower triglyceride levels which contribute to better overall cardiovascular health. What’s more, dog owners who have heart disease have a better survival rate.

4 Improve your little one’s social skills
As they get older, usually children will tend to wrestle with their world and be lazy to leave the house. However, this is not the case for dog owners. Researchers have found that about 40 percent of dog owners have more friends and they communicate with each other more smoothly. This is because dog owners are accustomed to actively interacting and playing with their dogs so they are not too surprised when they meet new people.

5 Helps detect various diseases
Quoted from the Huffington Post, having a dog can help you detect various diseases and weaknesses. For example, dogs can sniff out their owner’s skin, kidney, bladder, and some cancers. Also, Alzheimer’s patients can be reassured by dogs when they are aggressive and confused.

Well, having a dog turns out to be good for your child, both physically and psychologically. Physically, by raising a dog, the child will be more active and thus healthier. Psychologically, children can be more social and more resistant to stress. However, you should take care of your dog’s health by regularly administering vaccines and taking them to the vet if there are signs of disease.

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